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Well is registered and we are just waiting for it to propagate so we can actually start using the site properly. Until then we have set up camp with an ultra-basic page.

Latest version of DBinMeditate and the brainlet are linked from that site.
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New Brainlet

There is a new version of the meditate brainlet now available. You can get it from here [zip file].

You need to go into the plugin folder of the DBin directory (whereever you installed DBin). Delete the org.dbin.gui.brainlet.userdefined.meditate_1.0.0 folder that is there and replace it with the one you get from the zip file. Hopefully when you restart DBin you should get the new version. If not go to the Database menu and select the 'recalculate database' option.
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Fides' Top Ten Queries

1. Find me all the stories which contain the following elements [elements]
2. Find me all the stories with length greater then X in Fandom Y which contain the following elements [elements]
3. Find me all the stories in Fandom Y which contain the following elements [elements] but not the elements [elements 2]
4. Find me the top ten most recommended stories in Fandom Y
5. Find me the top ten most recommended stories in any fandom which contain the following elements [elements]
6. Show me the Timeline for Character X in Fandom Y
7. Show me the Timeline for Character X in Story Y
8. Compare Timeline X1 with Timeline X2
9. Compare Character X1 with Character X2
10. Find me all the Objects which have been prtrayed by Object X
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DBin and OntoMedia - now available for download!

This message is for everyone who has expressed an interest in the FanFiction Ontology projects I've been working on - and to anyone else who wants to try playing with my ideas, helping me out, and perhaps building something cool into the bargain!

The DBin tool now has an OntoMedia brainlet, which will allow you to enter information about your fandom into the system, share that information with others, and (ultimately, although not quite yet) allow you to search all the information that has been entered with complex queries (for instance, "Search for an episode of Due South in which Benton teaches Ray how to swim").

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to play with the system and enter as much information as you can about your fandom. Bonus points (and perhaps, for those who are interested, a bonus story from me) for group that adds the most information about their favourite fandoms!

You can get instructions on how to download the DBin program and the OntoMedia brainlet by downloading the following document: (A 520 kb PDF file).

...which also walks you through adding items to the system, and some common tasks you might want to do. DBin can seem a little intimidating at first (it's a powerful system!), but the instructions will show you how to access the OntoMedia information already available and add your own. So feel free to try it out, play around, and add information about your fandom.

If you need help, there are a few options. I'm afraid I won't be able to help personally until the 8th of May, because I'm attending a conference in Syria and then trecking around Jordan. But my unpaid clerical assistanthusband will check in every so often to help if he can, and hopefully you will be able to help each other as well.

You can also get help from:

The DBin website:
The OntoMedia LiveJournal community:
The FanFiction Ontology Creation Project Yahoo! Group:

Note for the timid: There are one or two small glitches in the DBin software at the moment, so if you get problems just try restarting the program - don't worry too much about the random stuff that appears in the console window. If you feel like extra credit, tell us what the problem was. It will help us to fix it. Most of all, don't worry if something goes wrong - part of this test is to find out if we're on the right track in making the OntoMedia System. Making it simple and usable are the next thing we will be working on on so if something goes wrong it's more our fault than yours!

Thanks, and I look forward to seeing what you build!
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